What the heck is SEO after all?

SEO or Search engine optimization- how many times did that term actually haunt you, making you feel that your business stood no chance against the competitors who have dominated the results for quite some time, years in fact? You might have tried to learn about it, thinking of it as a DIY project but then, the basics probably had you feeling like this.

Time and again, we have businesses approaching with one requirement- managing their SEO campaigns and online reputation. But what is SEO and why is that even after having invested tremendous resources and monumental efforts, the techies don’t get a grasp of it? Let’s dissect and debunk to know what the heck SEO really is.

What is SEO

Like every story, SEO and its root begin with the huge ‘Once upon a time’ when Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. After going through several makeovers and changes along with acquisitions, we now know Google as the most popular search engine of the world, powering 95% of the online searches made every day.

Now most of the people believe that SEO is hocus pocus, some rabbit pulling trick that executives pull, making the website appear on the top of the search engine results. But let us understand how it is done and what the process is really about.

Understanding SEO

Alright then, let’s stop beating about the bush. SEO is a set of processes and techniques that help in bringing your website among the top few organic search results, increasing the visibility for potential consumer base. So when you go for SEO of your website, it tends to attract more customers and therefore, gives way for better sales and revenue. For any brand or company to top the search results, automatically means increased growth rate.

Let us now take an example to get the grasp of it. A man wants to buy laptop online and thus types the same on Google. The first few results are ads, displayed as a part of Google AdWord campaign.

The next few results are the organic search results. Now let us face it- not everyone goes to the second page in search of their service or product. The results on the first page get maximum hits and visits, maximizing their potential reach. Even if a business has a better deal or quality to offer, they have lesser chance of getting the business through online search if they are stuck on second page or even worse, the no man’s land beyond the third page.

Unfair for some, but we never said everything is fair!

What makes up SEO?

Alright now, fact be told- SEO is not a single technique. SEO as you now know, is a set of techniques. In layman language and terms, you follow a preset instruction manual with different steps and are then successfully able to increase your website’s ranking. The SEO is done in two concurrent phases- the on page SEO and the off page SEO,  after doing relevant keyword research and competitive analysis.

In short, SEO is not magic but can surely work like it. It takes blood and sweat to use the white hat (legal permissible) techniques with the aim to boost the website’s visibility in search engine results.

Source: Colourmean

Are SEO and digital marketing the same?

Nay, a big no there. We have discussed what Digital marketing really is, here. SEO can be termed as a part of digital marketing but it itself doesn’t constitute the whole process.

So, stay tuned as we dive deeper into the oceans of Digital marketing and dissect the phenomena to reveal the secrets industry experts never told you!

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