Gearing up for the battle with Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the first steps in the battle of SEO and even though it will decide the future course of your SEO campaign, many people still overlook the phase. Consider Keyword research as your battle plan where in the SEO, you would need to fight for your king (the client or your own business) to rank higher than his competitors. Without the proper keyword research, you are definitely going to fail the battle.

Choosing the right keywords is like winning half the battle. With the help of your research and planning, you see where the competition is low and where the client competitors are weak.

Strike them there! Even though it is a long process, let us understand the basics of the it.

Finding the Keywords

Keywords are your search terms with which you intend to attract more customer or searches. So first of all, think of the common search terms with which your client business or you are going to target the audience. After you have penned the terms, research the niche as well as the terms associated. If your client has a shoes business and wants to expand online, you can get all related terms such as buy good shoes, jogging shoes, formal shoes, affordable footwear, etc. These related terms will help the clients reach your business.

One can never underestimate the value of research- just like Sherlock said it!

Google Keyword Planner- your buddy

Now, use the best available keyword research tool in the market, the Google Keyword planner. The planner will give you some related terms as suggestions which can be used for more keywords.

When you use the tool, make sure you type in the search phrase (key word) and press enter. here, you can also check out the number of times the keywords is searched by users all over the world.

Keyword Research
Keyword Research 1

The next step is to go for using the insights of the tool for more keywords and suggestions. Press on ‘More like this’ button and Google will automatically give you some suggestions.

Keyword Research 2
Keyword Research 2

WARNING- Please don’t use the planner to decide the keywords. The keywords should strictly be decided on the following criteria.

  1. The business niche – Never forget the niche you are serving. Search for it online and see what search terms are being used the most.
  2. The user base- Always make your keywords according to the intended customer base or audience.
  3. The intuition you have- Never dump intuition. Google Planner might just give you the related suggestions but you need to think of what goes well as a keyword or search term.
  4. Competition- And lastly, always keep an eye on the competition and what they are choosing as the keywords.

The long term game with long tail terms

Unless you are selling a fully articulate robot that can read minds, you are not really introducing something new to the world. Obviously, you will have difficulties competing with others already present in the business. You might not be able to rank high in the search terms directly and hence, you need to think of a different tactic.

This is where the game of long tail keywords begins. For example, let your main search term or keyword be buy shoes. In order to target more audience, you can try and be more specific- simply choose the location or add catchphrases to your search term which would target a specific sect of the buyers. ‘Buy shoes in London’ will be specific and get more related audience to your client in London. You can also go for ‘buy shoes cheap price’ to target buyers interested in cheap shoes.


With the Keyword research and planning done right, you can then proceed to the other steps without any worries!

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